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Together We Pass has great lecturers that work every term to produce comprehensive UNISA study notes for all the subjects that we offer.

You are able to buy these notes as a stand-alone product in our shop.

Unisa Study Notes
Together We Pass – Unisa Study Notes

The Benefits Of UNISA Study Notes

A good, comprehensive set of study notes can really help a UNISA student.  They save time, help you to know what you must concentrate on, and can cut down on the overwhelming reading that is required.

Study Notes Save You Time

Most UNISA students are very short on time as they work and study at the same time.  This means that anything that can save you time is a huge help.

If you get a set of comprehensive study notes they will save you a lot of time.  It can cut down on reading time, and help direct you to the most important elements to learn.  This means that you do not spend time on things that are not entirely relevant.

Study Notes Help You Know What To Study

Students often battle to draw out the important elements in a textbook, and summarising becomes a nightmare as they are unsure of how to draw out only the critical elements from a paragraph or chapter.

The Downside Of UNISA Study Notes

If you do not get a good set of study notes it can set you up for failure in the final exams.

You need to be sure that the notes cover the whole syllabus, and that they really do help to improve your understanding.

If you have a set of study notes that miss a chapter, and you only rely on your study notes, then you can miss things that you need to know in the exam.

ALWAYS make sure that you use your textbook and study guide along-side your study notes so that you do not lose out on the real knowledge that you need for the exam.

Together We Pass Study Notes

Together We Pass offers study notes for all our study groups.  In 2017 for the first time, we are offering these study notes to students who are not part of our study groups.

In order to find our notes just go to our online shop and search for your course code.  Everything for that subject will come up in the search results.  

If you see a result for notes you will also see a result fora study group.  You can choose the notes, and go through the shop process.

Once you have paid (by credit card or EFT) you will receive an email with a link.  Once you click on the link your notes will download immediately.

If you are not sure about how to use our online shop just email us and we can help you.  Our email address is support@togetherwepass.co.za.

We currently offer the following study notes:

  1. AUE1601 _R200
  2. AUE2601 _R200
  3. ECS1501 _R200
  4. FAC1601 _R200
  5. INV2601  _R100
  6. MAC3701 _R200
  7. TAX3701 _R200
  8. MAC1501 _R200
  9. MAC2601 _R200
  10. MAC3702 _R200


We will be adding more notes as we go, and watch this space for Together We Pass exam packs as well.

Read more about how to make notes on the Unisa website.


Last updated: 16 May 2018


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