UNISA Registration Dates Extended

As result to the #FeesMustFall protests and strikes that took place all around South Africa earlier this month, UNISA developed an extreme backlog of applications, registrations and payments. (This has further been discussed in these previous blog posts: Registration Fees and UNISA Strikes) UNISA has yet to finalise the 342 000 applications received from students. Students also had to deal with a major inconvenience caused by these protests: Textbooks which simply didn’t arrive.

Textbooks haven’t arrived

Because of this expected, yet inevitable situation, many students have been left unable to apply, register and finalise their due payments.

Finally the long awaited response from UNISA has come: Deadlines have been extended.

More specifically, deadlines have been extended by two weeks. Registrations now no longer have to be completed by 30 January 2016, but rather 14 February 2016. While deadlines have been extended, UNISA still urges students to complete the registration process as soon as possible.

On UNISA’s website they state that all study materials will be available on myUnisa. They also state that outstanding study material will be couriered within seven to ten days. For the original statement by UNISA refer here.

However, despite UNISA’s efforts to ensure student satisfaction, students are still left wondering whether they’ll receive extensions on financial aid as well as assignment deadlines. A student stated on Together We Pass’s Facebook page that he has missed his opportunity to apply and receive any financial help despite this registration deadline change. Another student stated that she won’t be able to complete her assignments in time because her textbooks aren’t on myUNISA and hasn’t arrived in the post either.

UNISA students are left wondering

For students who feel that the UNISA’s strikes have been affecting their chances of successful study: Together We Pass is the solution. Together We Pass will help you succeed even when your chances have been compromised. We suggest you join an online study group here. Once your registration has been completed, you can change your study group at no extra cost.

Hopefully this marks the end of students’ struggle with UNISA’s registration. Just remember that even when you believe your future is bleak, Together We Pass will do everything to help you achieve your dreams.

5 Responses on UNISA Registration Dates Extended"

  1. myself says:

    hi unisa i’m still wondering why are you not responding to my application i’v applied last year during september can you please check it for me my stutent number 59372338 thank you

  2. Ntombifuthi says:

    Hai I applied at Unisa for b. E. D. But I was accepted for a deg extended programme 98000 which I don’t know what it is. Please help coz I need to register but m not sure what to do

    • Profile photo of PetraF PetraF says:


      It looks like you are trying to contact UNISA. However, you have emailed us at Together We Pass. We are not affiliated with UNISA, so we cannot help you with this query.

      If you want help with your UNISA studies, with extra tuition, notes and exam packs we are your guys.

      However, if you are trying to reach UNISA we have this page of contacts that might be able to help: http://togetherwepass.co.za/my-unisa/

      Kind Regards
      The Together We Pass Team

  3. Tirhani says:

    Hi please help.

    I want to register for N.Dip in Industrial Engineer, but im starting with Extended programme, so I don’t know which modules to choose as I see 21 modules on extended path programme. and I don’t know how many must I do per year, I wanted to register for two though..


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