Together We Pass Disclaimer


What is Together We Pass’ Relationship with UNISA?

Together We Pass is a Private Company not in any way connected with UNISA institution. TWP does not hold a collaboration agreement with UNISA hence any reference to codes is a reference to official UNISA codes. We neither duplicate their codes nor represent them as our own, our lecturers simply work through the prescribed material with student to offer effective academic support.

Is Together We Pass Accredited by UNISA?

No we are in no way accredited by UNISA. TWP offers academic support based on the prescribed material and questions asked in the previous examinations and assignments issued by UNISA. Take Note; we are in no way the authors of UNISA study guides or the prescribed textbooks.

Why Does Together We Pass Offer Independent Tuition Support?

You shouldn’t feel isolated while studying, and now you don’t have to. Together We Pass has brought  students together online for the past 10 years in a community that supports and helps each other.

This social approach is so effective because the process of discussing ideas and concepts with your peers is one of the best ways of learning. This is the cornerstone of our approach.

It is our mission to enable every student to reach their full potential by means of a highly effective and affordable online social experience.

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