Emotional Intelligence

People go to school expecting to be educated in all the essential things. They expect to learn about the skills they need to be successful in life. However that is not the case: Not only does school not cover all the bases that should be part of your skills, but school also does not test emotional intelligence. This forms a big part of your life, and plays a major part in whether you are emotionally successful.emotional intelligence

Here are a few of the aspects that will indicate whether your possess emotional intelligence:


This comes down to properly understanding yourself. Not just on a superficial level such as what you like to do, and what foods or music you like, but on a deep, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This includes understanding what drives you, what motivates you to try new things. It also includes understanding you own strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage. You should also have your own beliefs and understand why it is that you believe those particular things.



Self Management comes down to having good self control. Being able to regulate yourself to certain activities despite other things that might be distracting. If you can do this you can focus on work that needs to be done and have a much better output when it comes to your work. Another important aspect of good self-management is time management.



This is about being able to feel encouraged to do something. All the intelligence in the world isn’t useful if you never use it. Motivation is about being able to commit to something that may be difficult and sticking through things when times are tough. Being motivated is a big part of your emotional intelligence.



Empathy is all about emotional intelligence. It deals directly with your ability to sympathize with others and understand what they are feeling. It allows you to relate to what other people feel. Empathy is important when it comes to human interactions and directly helps with the next point.


Social Skills:

This is your ability to socialize with other people. Without this ability you will become unhappy and emotionally stunted. The more your social skills are developed the more likely you are to bond with your fellow humans. This in turn improves your self-esteem and overall enjoyment of life.


So yes, school won’t teach you everything and their tests will certainly not tell you about your emotional intelligence. So, if you want to be smart in more than just books, look over the list and try and improve your emotional intelligence.

8th February, 2016

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