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What is EasyPass?

EasyPass™ provides online quizzes for a number of Matric subjects. The questions have been set up by subject experts and are based on the curriculum. They are in a multiple-choice format and give you feedback and explanations about the correct answer. The quizzes are categorised by topics within a subject and enable you to test how much you remember of what you have learned as well as your understanding of the subject and its vocabulary.

Why use EasyPass quizzes?

Test retention and understanding – Each topic has a large bank of questions that are randomized each time you take a quiz. Thus you should not see the same questions each time.

Learn while you revise – After you have answered each question or section, you will get immediate feedback with an explanation about the correct answer.

Identify weak areas prior to writing exams – This will help you focus your revision and go back to the text books and your notes if you need more details.

Track your progress – Use the Test History page to view your marks and progress as you do more and more tests.

Available Subjects

You can do as many EasyPass online questions as you want! No limit, no extra costs.

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