Q & A Discussion Forum

At Together We Pass we believe that you can learn an immense amount from your fellow students.  Its not just us – research shows the peer-to-peer learning is one of the best ways to understand and remember your coursework.

What is a discussion forum?

Our discussion forums will have three parts in the coming term.

  1. Topics posted by students when they are stuck with their coursework
  2. Topics posted by your tutor to guide you on ares you need to concentrate on for exams
  3. Topics pulled in from the Assignment Comparison Tool to help you discuss questions where everyone is getting different answers on a particular question.


MAKE SURE YOU PARTICIPATE! This truly is one place where we encourage students to come out of their shells and join in.  You might feel shy at first, but once you start asking and answering questions you will see just how beneficial it is to talk through your coursework with your fellow students and tutor.

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